My adventure with OER (or drinking from a firehose)

I began my OER journey with a lot of questions. OER seemed to have a steep learning curve, a lot of jargon, and a small community of very enthusiastic proponents. But let me back up a bit. I began my teaching career at Bemidji State University as an emergency adjunct replacement for a professor who […]

Moving a State University toward OER

I just wrote a proposal to present a case study of the process I’ve begun observing and participating in this year, at a conference in the fall. I’m trying to move my campus, Bemidji State University, part of the Minnesota State (MinnState) System toward a more open education process. I became aware of OER in […] is complicated…

I’m learning about, currently listening to a video by Jeremy Dean (Director of Education at, of I think it was the first Google webinar about using in undergraduate English classes. It’s available here:     Now it DOES seem to me that English majors may be a bit predisposed to annotation and […]

Current Minnesota legislation related to open education

Executive summary: There are four bills in front of the Minnesota legislature currently. Three involve poorly-funded mandates; one offers incentives for positive change. The Bills: SF130 was introduced 1/14/2019 and is titled “Affordable Textbooks”. This bill defines an affordable textbook as any textbook that costs $40 or less. These could be traditional print textbooks, OER, […]

OER Rant #3

Another History in 5-or-so Minutes episode about editing Openstax OER US History textbook. Is my beef style or substance? You decide.

Editing OER for Style & Substance

I was going to spend five or six minutes talking about improving the style of a very clunky section of the Openstax OER text as I remix it for my spring class. Then I had to add another six minutes to address some problems I had with the substance.  

Remixing an OER textbook

This is a 12-ish minute long episode of History in 5-or-so Minutes, in vlog format this time, in which I talk about beginning to rewrite the Openstax US History textbook. I’m going to use this as the basis of a US History I class this spring, but not before I revise it sunstantially. I’ll discuss […]